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WELCOME TO PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™.


Welcome to a vital event.

The following few paragraphs elicit subscription to national amendments for mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation™, enacted by the people of each respective nation.

Please find your national signature form immediately beneath.


From its 1968 inception, mathematically perfected economy™ is the long-standing original proof both of the root cause of the present global monetary failure, and of an inherently singular monetary solution — fully rectifying the terminal monetary condition of the world not only immediately, but even virtually without cost.

In its vital eradication of monetary deprivation, mathematically perfected economy™ is indeed an absolute human right. Yet every right, however demonstrable, inheres only to such recognition as its assertion is inevitable. Thus a compulsory resolve hinges upon the relatively simple fundamental fact that an eradication of monetary deprivation is inherently to preserve immutable representation of entitlement. Because entitlement is in turn sustained only by enforceable obligations to redeem, therefore mathematically perfected economy™ is itself, simply to retire the principal of promissory obligations as related property is consumed, because the life-cycle of money therefore inherently concludes with fulfillment.

A vital object of immutable representation further predicates that we are in fact the only actual issuers of money then — for only our fulfillment of the obligations we engage in imparts immutable representation; and only our commitments in turn, rightfully cause money to cease existence in our provision for its fulfillment. Furthermore then, by our acceptance of promissory obligations, we are likewise the only actual creditors in the entire inherent life cycle of money, for likewise, we alone give up property for the resultant representations of entitlement.

Finally then, these necessarily immutable representations of entitlement are therefore sustained strictly by a perpetual 1:1:1 relationship between remaining circulation, remaining value of represented property, and remaining obligation to pay for represented property — with this necessarily eternal condition alone sustaining the only truly free enterprise and commerce, even automatically then, simply by paying for consumption of related property as we consume of it.

The absolute right of mathematically perfected economy™ is therefore a vital freedom from monetary deprivation, in which representations of entitlement are sustained necessarily by a mathematic singularity, simply enabling us to pay for whatever we consume with the universal like of our own production.

Thus the singularity of monetary justice is likewise the only economy.


Purported banking systems endure therefore only by our irreverence for veritable economy; and thus to appreciate how unwarranted dispossession precipitates in inevitably terminal defeasance, we must first understand that it is altogether rationally, legally, and ethically impossible to "borrow" money into existence from purported banking systems.

In pretending both "to lend" from a necessarily prior legitimate possession of entitlement, and yet while likewise pretending "to issue" the same previously non-existent "money," never therefore in the preposterous contemporary lie of economy do purported banking systems give up property commensurable to debts which are therefore only falsified to the banking system. Obligations to pay and to retire principal indeed inhere from our promissory obligations to each other. But an obfuscation of the underlying obligations can never legitimately result in obligations to repay mere impostors, who never in the whole ruse give up commensurable property.

Furthermore, as the payment of principal inherently nullifies further redeemability from the issuance in which the redeemability once depends, thus it is altogether rationally, legally, and ethically impossible also that principal paid by the obligor can ever legitimately represent the further rightful entitlement of anyone. Because the obfuscation is neither a legitimate loan nor debt to a purported banking system which merely publishes further representations of our promissory obligations to each other, payment of the principal by the actual issuer of the whole substance of money therefore inherently retires that money from circulation. "Banking" therefore has no legitimate claim to the principal whatever — neither from purported issuance, or ever afterward.

In its wholly intentional falsification of indebtedness then, contemporary banking is first a preposterous scheme to launder all the principal of eternity into its unwarranted possession. Yet as the principal is never a legitimate property of purported banking, neither can any actual risk ostensibly justify interest; and thus no legitimate claim to either principal or interest exists in the entire falsification.

Yet this unjustifiable imposition of interest imposes an implicit obligation to maintain a vital circulation by perpetually re-borrowing principal and interest from the ever-unwarranted re-possession of "banking" — with re-borrowed principal perpetually restoring every prior sum of falsified debt we might otherwise presume resolved; and with re-borrowed interest therefore perpetually increasing prior sums of falsified debt by ever greater sums of periodic interest — with ever more of a remaining circulation therefore disposed to a perpetual escalation of unjustifiable dispossession, until an inevitably terminal sum of falsified debt destroys purported "credit-worthiness" to borrow further; and vast, wholly artificial deflation, dysfunctionality, and dispossession manifest from the outrageous lies we routinely call "banking," "money," and "economy."

Not only therefore is banking's purposed obfuscation of money the very root of the world's artificial monetary failure; banking's indispensable dependence upon political betrayal is the death knell of representation.


Justified and immediately necessary reparations therefore are, 1) to count prior payments of interest instead toward principal; 2) to revise schedules of payment to rates of consumption; and, 3) to establish a representative circulation by re-crediting the people circulatory deficiencies according to a general pattern of saving and spending during working and retired years.


  1. An obligation to count interest toward principal (1) itself, immediately and rightly resolves most global debt.
  2. Moreover, in regard to remaining schedules of payment:
    1. Additionally, a necessary revision of schedules of payment (2) immediately and vastly multiplies the reach of impeded earnings:

      For example, a $100,000 home with a 100-year lifespan costs $1,000 per year or $83.33 per month overall under mathematically perfected economy™. If a mortgage subject to "banking" instead costs of $833 per month, then an immediate revision of schedules of payment sustaining the rightful cost of property immediately extends the reach of impeded earnings ten times:

      $833/m ÷ $83.33/m 10×r

    2. Likewise, this responsibility (2) immediately resolves bankruptcy, foreclosure, dispossession, eviction, and public (government) solubility crises:

      Given the previous hypothetical, then 5 years of payment against an obfuscated mortgage falling half a year into arrears at 5.5 years, thus equates to 50 years of payment under mathematically perfected economy™:

      5y × 10×r = 50y

      Thus if counting prior interest toward principal does not itself resolve the falsified debt, reparation immediately resolves related crises by resulting in the only rightful fact that the obligor has instead, already paid 44.5 years in advance (with no further payment due until then):

      50y - 5.5y = 44.5y

  3. Thus replenishing deficient circulations by re-crediting the people from whom the deficiency was stolen (3), further contributes to a rightful, immediate, and virtually costless recovery.


Societies either suffer unwarranted power, or we unite in government for the singular reasonable purpose of equal, just, and-thus-absolute consensual representation.

The fact a terminal escalation of falsified debt never meets the expected strictures of knowledgeable public assent is certainly intended, for silence met every proposition of mathematically perfected economy™ to every United States President since and including Gerald Ford; and that silence was indeed condemned by a perpetual inability to repudiate, for not only does the majority of purported monetary reform merely imitate these original precepts today; it is unreasonable even to expect alternate solutions for circulatory inflation, deflation, or maldisposition, because every mathematic riddle predicates a singularity. Thus the politics of banking preserved banking, even when computer models I provided to the 1983 and 1984 Reagan Administrations accurately projected the present global failure would transpire at approximately 2010 AD.

Nearly half a century since the advent of mathematically perfected economy™, banking still wagers evasion will preserve its denial of representation. Thus it is our civic duty to understand the criminality of banking; to prove one mathematically perfected economy™; to prove one reparation; and to enable every signatory to exercise those vital means of reparation immediately, in our every just affair. It is necessary likewise that we know better than petitioning betrayers; that we impose a December 21, 2012 deadline for compliance; that breach of that deadline precipitates automatic impeachment; and that from the moment of our signatures, anyone denying us these inalienable rights is guilty of the gravest treason — for neither hope nor reparation exists, but in mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation™.

Please join us then, with the honor of your signature...


1 25

1 35

5 10







I am neither a signatory nor an advocate of any conflicting proposition.

No restriction of age or requirement of a majority shall apply.

Signatories claim MPE+ACR™ as inherent authorities of sovereign individuals, effective immediately — including indispensable protections against bankruptcy, cost, denial, dispossession, eviction, foreclosure, incarceration, further overpayment, laundry of unwarranted possession, penalization, or taxation precipitating from obfuscations of currency or cost. Please see ABOUT SOVEREIGNTY FORMS™ for further information.


He Granted the Undertaking: The Order of a New Age. MORPHALLAXIS, January 14, 1979.

mathematically perfected economy™ (MPE™) [definition] :  1  :  proof of a singular integral solution to the purposed obfuscations of purported banking and economy, in which a conclusive sum of potential categoric faults comprising a) circulatory inflation and deflation, b) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and c) inherent, irreversible, and therefore terminal multiplication of falsified indebtedness by interest... are necessarily eradicated by acknowledging a universal right to issue certified, enforceable promissory obligations, free of exploitation, and subject to an obligatory schedule of payment retiring principal at the rate of consumption of related property;  2  :  every person's right to issue legitimate, enforceable promissory obligations, free not only from exploitation of natural commitments, but from artificial denial of the natural opportunity to make good on them;  3  :  an inherent and universal right to monetize production as perpetually sustains desirable industry and trade for no more and no less than what we determine to be sufficiently equal measures of our production.

No deserving society could be complicit in its own terminal oppression.

Actual economy and free enterprise are only practiced by at least substantially diligent people, first because mediocrity chooses to dismiss the minutiae of bearing principle; secondly, because every potential compromise of a mere handful of natural monetary laws, makes massive dispossession of the whole society both the temptation and reward for all the subversion mediocrity has already refused to apprehend; and finally, because the only omnipotent justice and unity inhere in a fact we only join in government to sustain our rightful affairs — in the whole of which then, our only conceivable monetary purpose is immutable representation of entitlement — the totality of which thus derives likewise, from nothing but our own commitments to each other. Thus the only consistent role of mutually consented government in an actual economy, is uniform enforcement of the entitlement we pledge to each other.

A competent people therefore join in government to sustain their very objects, integrity, and natural right to issue their promissory obligations; and this is never in turn to deny, to obstruct, to impede, to corrupt, or to infringe upon our very universal right and need to redeem the representations of entitlement we grant, with no more and no less likewise than what the mechanisms of the society itself determine to be sufficiently equivalent measures of its own production. Thus as our own commitments to redeem entitlement are inherently the only occasion and disposition of natural promissory contracts and money, WE THE PEOPLE therefore are absolutely the only actual creditors of an actual economy, for we and we alone give up property for promissory obligations... and for what therefore are only immutable and genuine representations of entitlement, if we and we alone faithfully sustain society's commitment to itself by rendering so much of our production to whichever members of our society we indeed owe it.

Money therefore is strictly to sustain this singular purpose; and thus a further fact of this singularity is that the people are likewise the only actual and rightful issuers of money, altogether because the inception, value, and redeemability of our promissory obligations too ordinarily hinge singularly, and therefore strictly, upon our own integrity, powers, and fact of fulfillment.

As much then as any ethical invention of "money" only proposes to sustain public entitlement deriving from public obligation, no deserving society therefore would ever subject itself to exploitation, for exploitation is not only destructive to its every useful affair, but wholly redundant to its every reasonable purpose. Much less could any intelligent society in history ever have granted knowledgeable assent to processes which could only escalate its terminal dispossession, for that country would so make a mockery of intelligence as to forfeit its every indispensable principle for nought.

Only undeserving societies therefore abandon a fact that real economy is neither more nor less than an accounting system, inflexibly obligated to sustain the entitlement which is certainly inherent in a fact we alone give up our production for whatever we deem likewise to be its sufficient equivalent. After all, this is the very purpose for which we engage in specialization — the very monetization of which then is inherently a public obligation to sustain immutable representation of all warrantable entitlement, likewise descending strictly therefore from our own enforceable, voluntary, just, and therefore equivalent commitments.

Thus the only life cycle, volume, and disposition of a currency which serves our indispensable purposes, inherently retires promissory obligations at the rate of consumption of related property, firstly because, as wholly rightful and legitimate representations of value, promissory obligations only represent value and redeemability until they are fulfilled by payment of the principal — in every which case then, paid principal can never represent any legitimate or rightful property of anyone. Paid and thus nullified principal therefore is strictly to be retired from circulation. Secondly then, because promissory obligations and promissory obligations alone suffice perpetually, both in volume and the necessary patterns of representation and payment for consumption; thirdly then, because the only case in which new money must come into necessary existence is to represent an ability to render a like volume of production to the resultant entitlement — the need for which exists only in a lacking possession of sufficient earnings; and the only justification for which exists in at least an ability to render a like volume of production to the only real creditors, who are thus the holders of money; and finally then, because it is impossible otherwise to preserve immutable redeemability in the resultant representations, except by an obligatory schedule of payment retiring principal at the rate of consumption of related property, for this and this alone sustains redeemability in a perpetual 1:1:1 relationship between remaining circulation, remaining value of represented property, and remaining obligation to pay just that much for that represented property.

As much then as there is absolutely one and one only integral solution for the certain volumetric or dispositional improprieties of every differing monetary proposition, the only justifiable and actual economy therefore is no more and no less than our universal right to issue unexploited promissory obligations, retiring principal at the rate of consumption. Every deserving people therefore will inevitably prevail in the vital singularity of a mathematically perfected economy™, first because mathematically perfected economy™ is the only pattern which sustains their vital affairs, and secondly because its omnipotent objects are the only civil purposes for which just societies engage in government at all.

The worst enemies of humanity therefore not only deny prosperity's dependence upon immutable redemption. The treason of monetary corruption must so disengage us from vital principles of representation that every unwitting populace itself becomes indispensable to terminal dispossession of the very world, for no true enterprise can survive in the world, lest real prosperity prove the crime of changing money.

Because this contemporary oppression depends wholly upon the errors of our own ways, we therefore are the only hope of the world, for it is rationally impossible to justify the preposterous proposition free and ostensibly self-determined people must "borrow" their own promissory obligations into existence from pretended banking systems which never in eternity give up consideration commensurable to purported debts — which the perpetrators so precariously falsify to themselves, for the most obvious purposes. Thus only the undeserving society would ever presume that same preposterous lack of consideration could possibly justify purported interest. Therefore in the whole lie of purported banking, there is neither any legitimate claim nor rightful way to dispossess us of either principal or interest.

In a fact banking systems never give up commensurable consideration to acquire the purported money a banking system only pretends therefore to lend to us as legitimate representations of its own prior entitlement, thus purported banking systems no more than publish further representations of our very own commitments to each other. In no rational sense whatever do we borrow money into existence from purported banks then; and thus no deserving people in eternity would simply suffer a preposterous obfuscation of our promissory obligations which inherently imposes an otherwise wholly redundant obligation to sustain vital circulations by perpetually re-borrowing principal and interest as ever greater and inevitably terminal sums of falsified debt — because only for nought then, the obfuscation can only precipitate in wholly artificial, global monetary failure. Yet so it is that for no good or justifiable reason whatever, an irreversible escalation of unwarrantable dispossession, perpetuated by an indispensably attendant destruction of representation... explains how the very events before us are the ruin of every undeserving nation.

Regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process. And so of course, in the last days of banking's irreversible and inevitably terminal escalation of our ever-unwarranted and unassented dispossession, certainly the perpetrators will pour further falsified debt into banking's black hole of justice. And the perpetrators will even do this of course, wholly without real protest even from banking itself, that exceeding our ever-finite credit-worthiness violates even the false principles and purported risks or costs of banking itself. But even all this... is only because banking's purposed obfuscation flows still always back to purported banking itself. Thus as purported banking continues to pour money into its own pockets amidst the terminal failure each life cycle of banking can only impose yet again and again upon undeserving nations... for wont of justice then, generations will in turn condemn their very progeny to irreversible escalations of insoluble debt which they collected yesterday likewise, for wont of justice; and thus even by tomorrow morning, their children might save the world from political irresponsibility.

Occupying governments do not dissolve the crimes they are instead installed to perpetuate; and yet every rational person knows the betrayers with certainty, because no good government would ever prevent its people from paying to each other, no more than whatever they agree and need to pay only to each other. Exploitation of the genre to which we bow daily therefore is never tolerated by just and deserving societies, because the minutiae mediocrity indeed abandons are the very license to take insufferable excess, until mediocrity is itself forced to arrest just such an intolerable breadth of crime as we have everywhere around us, without the vital half of what across eternity will remain an inherently singular solution.

Therefore we are never victims, when only our own irresponsibility preserves monetary and political crimes which not even the indifferent have any right to impose upon anyone else.

mike montagne, original 1968 author/architect of mathematically perfected economy™.

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